Numbers to 1

Get it in the app store!“Numbers to 1” is an easy to learn addictive puzzle game for the iPhone / iPod touch. You can get it in the app store
The goal of the game is to bring all the numbers to 1 and -in the process- get them to their original position, including the gap which lives at the bottom right position. This is important because it is possible to get all the numbers to 1 and the gap at the wrong position.
If you reached the desired position the puzzle is solved, no matter what. It is sometimes possible to solve a puzzle in less or more steps than the move counter indicates; this is no problem.

“tap” indeed, so don’t drag!

Puzzles are computer generated randomly (if random is set to “on”). This means you can play a lot of different puzzles at the same level. Some are more difficult than others. The higher the level the more different puzzles there are at that level. If you reached the maximum level at a certain dimension the level counter will not increase any more. Instead you see a plus sign next to the level number, for example “25+”.

If you get stuck (i.e. no more moves possible) the numbers “wiggle” for a short while.

If you try to do a non-valid move you will see the message “showing valid moves”. At the same time you will see “pulsating” buttons. If there are no valid moves to show, you will be told to use the back button.

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