Buttons on the play screen

Back button

This will be your most used button at higher levels. If pressed gets you back one move.
You can do this repeatedly until you reach the start position.

Back all button

Gets you to the start position. You also see this as an icon in the “you did it”  menu, meaning you’ll play the exact same puzzle again: great for competition with other persons!

Color button

Turns the colors on or off. With colors set to “on”, the stripes below the puzzle will help you find a solution because they indicate to which column a colored number must go. If you have for example a yellow 2 you’re certain that it must jump (over a 1) to the yellow row. (because once a 1, forever a 1) Mostly used at higher levels.
The default is “off”. Choosing a new dimension, or restoring from a previous game, colors will be set to “off”.

Go to level button

Slides in a typical iPhone slider. With it you can choose one of your solved levels. So if you are at level 4.20 you can go from 4.4 to 4.20 . (If you didn’t solve any puzzles your only choice is 4.4) This means if you get stuck at, say, level 20 and you want to do a new puzzle at level 20 you press this button followed by a touch on the slider. You must choose a level or press the cancel button before you can do anything else!
Every dimension has a maximum level. If you reach it (“wow!”) you’ll get a “+” next to the level number. This means two things: 1. You can’t go any higher. 2. The number of moves for the next puzzle can be anything! (even higher than the level number)
You will also see this one as an icon in the “you did it”  menu, meaning that you will play the next level, if there is one.

New dimension button

Brings you to a new dimension. Please note that your current puzzle will be lost!
There are five dimensions (4-8). At your new dimension you will automatically get to the highest level you reached so far. You can get an overview of this in the score screen

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