Quiz Buttons

We are not responsible for hitting to hard on your iPad !

This app is a tool for 2-6 “players” and 1 “quizmaster” on 1 iPad.

If you want to do a quiz with a couple of players, but you find it difficult to judge who was first and you do not want to keep the score, this is the tool for you:

The quizmaster ask a question and the player who presses his or her button first may answer it. Now there are 3 possibilities: wrong answer, right answer, undecided.
Points are taken care off by the app, fully adjustable in “settings”. Here you can also turn off and on buttons, e.g. when there are 2 players you can choose to only show two corner buttons.

We just couldn’t stop there: we added two buttons: one for showing a random category, and one for showing a random letter after a random amount of seconds. You can use this buttons just as you see fit. For example you can ask the question: “Name a city starting with a…. ‘p’ “.



Features are:

– Every button has its own sound
– Buttons can be turned on and off (not visible anymore)
– Points for answering are fully adjustable
– Finishing score is adjustable at any moment
– Manually adjust all scores
– Ad banners can be turned off by an in-app purchase
– Button for random display of 75 categories
– Button for random display a letter ( a-z )

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