Break a Word

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Download in the app store

Break a Word (Woord-Breker) is a fast playing word game with a puzzle feel to it.

Playing solo:
Guess as many words as you can within the time given. If you get 50% a bonus game comes available: guess the 10-letter word. Beat the other people in the world with your hiscore!

Playing matches:
Guess more words and guess them sooner than your opponent. Play several rounds to win the match!
(NB: Game Center Account necessary)

—- No buttons needed if one can swipe! —-
No need to look for the right button:
The unique swiping interface makes this A VERY FAST GAME, once you get used to it. Tiles stay put when you submit a word and gaps are allowed. So GIRTH, GIRTHS, GIRTS are submitted with only 7 taps and 3 swipes!! (vs 19 taps for your average word game)

Remember: you can swipe allmost anywhere on the screen!

main game controls:
-submit word : swipe up
-clear : swipe down
-shuffle : swipe down again
-push letters left : swipe left
-push letters right : swipe right
-get word : tap guessed word
-show meaning : tap guessed word (after finish)

Have Fun!

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